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Get ready to own the night -  unapologetic, it’s all about fierce spirit and bold attitudes. This is not your average party—it's a celebration of strong females who have transformed the music scene. Our DJs are dropping the hottest tracks, seamlessly blending different styles and eras to keep you grooving all night long. Trust us, the beats are fire! But hold up, there's more! We've got mind-blowing shows lined up, jaw-dropping performances that push boundaries.

We're kicking things off in style, starting at 10pm at our bar. Challenge our mixologists to whip up your go-to cocktail and get those taste buds buzzing before you hit the dance floor. This is your chance to sip on crafted concoctions, meet and mingle.

So gather your crew, indulge in extraordinary drinks, and dance the night away. 5 drinks for ladies until 1am!

Subject to availability. Advance bookings are recommended. 

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